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#1 Initial Setup

Let's code a workout app from scratch. Why? Watch the video and find out.

Source code is available at:


  • 0:00 The idea and why bother?
  • 1:22 Today's progress
  • 3:36 Existing Python scripts/data


Here's a quick recap on what I did to get this far. It's not much!

  1. Generate a new flutter project.
flutter create
  1. Update the application ID, which must be unique

    • Ctl-Shift-F to search the entire project in Android Studio
    • Find instances of com.example
    • Replace with com.pagekeysolutions
  2. Start getting Google API set up

  3. I set up the repo, made it public, and made a video.

If you're trying to re-create my results exactly, note that I committed the "Initial commit" directly after running flutter create. Hopefully this makes my changes easier to follow.

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